Denis the Night & The Panic Party


Denis The Night & The Panic Party is a power trio of three friends from Marche region, in the heart of Marchigiano Appennines, a special place of very variegated landscapes and energies that all reflect in their crossover music.

Born in 2014 on the road across Italy and UK, while touring also in other bands, they ended up together, realizing to have in common maybe a simpatico disaffection for conventions.
 They like juxtaposing elements from various genres like electro-rock, psychedelia, shoegaze, pop noise, and avant-garde, and they have evolved soon into a music & visual arts collective, featuring other like-minded artists from different and multiple citizenships in the world such as photographer Giulia Delprato (UK/Rome), visual artists Eddie Plex (UK/Revere), Matteo Gaudenzi (Orciano di Pesaro), Beatrice Pucci (Furlo), film – makers Enzo Lauria/Ozne (Berlin/Sicily), and Karin El Taifiova (Czech Republic/Spain), collaborating along the way with other international artistic collectives like Obsidian and Blush (Texas-US) and Light Trails (Udine).

After some anticipatory releases like the Hottrips EP (2014) plus a self-titled Lo-fi Cassette EP(2015), co-produced by the band and Livio Magnini of famed Italian band, Bluvertigo, their debut Album Cosmic Youth (2016) has been released by the iconic UK label, Wall of Sound, with their single Androgynous Love, remixed by über French DJ/producer, Étienne de Crécy, becoming viral for a while in France.

Their stray, eclectic sound has spread in these years across some of the biggest European and North American festivals (Primavera Sound, Canadian Music Week and SXSW among others) with Panic Party conquering important audiences, but above all, recruiting people feeling to belong to their community.

As Marchigiani, gender free people, musicians, artists and always adventurers, with their second album M E G A E V O, they are challenging a lost and found concept of individual identity and geographical borders: remapping the place they come from and all the places they have been to in the meanwhile, having gained consciousness to belong to their original lands and still projected beyond national categories, through their songs/soundscapes this new DTN&TPP album states oximors, embodying in music the mismatch every border that divide things can set off (like there is not a simple divide between here and there, Homeland and the biggest melting pot Capital cities, us and them, but maybe there is just a psychic, social, and cultural terrain that we as a community inhabit, and that inhabits all of us).

Floating in between reality and the surreal, counterpart side of it, having written compositions that are deeply rooted in their fields and their nineties memories of adolescents, like a mixed parentage of Canyon rocks blended with the Adriatic sea and a touch of exotic feelings coming from nowhere and many places at the same time, this idiosyncratic collective named Denis The Night & The Panic Party is introducing itself again, dating people touring, in performances that, a new friend and fan in Toronto summed up being, Loud and Profound.


London residences (UK) – The Water Rats, Nambucca, AlleyCat, Garage, The Moustache Bar, Apples and Pears, Soho Radio, London One Radio

Liverpool UK) – Liverpool Sound City – Mailchimp Record Store
Manchester (UK) – Indie Music Week (KRAAK)
Reading (UK) – BBC INTRODUCING LIVE ( Purple Turtle)

Paris ( FR) –  L’International , MaMa Festival 
Barcellona (SP) – Primavera Sound Festival (H&M Stage, Ray-Ban Stage, MACBA Day Pro Stage)

Canadian tour – Canadian Music Week 

Vienna – Waves Festival 

Texas – Austin SXSW

Fano – IT Baffi dallo spazio

Milano – Music Week @ Ral 

Fano – Fano Jazz By The Sea